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Re: Carbs vs. carbs

To: Michael Jose <>
Subject: Re: Carbs vs. carbs
From: Bill Saidel <>
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 19:03:08 -0500 (EST)
        I changed the ZS on my 76B 2 years ago replacing it with 2 SU
HIF's. This change required a few others, the exhaust header, the
downpipe, mounting a manual choke, a bit of figuring with the air
filters, but I have never regretted doing this
and would strongly recommend it. I even kept the same mufflers from the
ZS configuration. A friend described the change as going
from a car that operated like a put-put to one that felt like a sports
car (with 65 hp! :-))
        Anyway, if you go that way, I can share bits from a parts car I
just disassembled. Maybe you ought to figure out a budget, too.  I did
everything for about $300 and could have done better (as I later found

Bill S.

On Sun, 17 Nov 2002, Michael Jose wrote:

> Dear listers,
> As I've been having a world of trouble with my ZS on my 79 B since I've
> had the car, (as in, two rebuilds of the carb, countless rebuilds of the
> choke, and now a fire from the choke) I would like to ask a provocative
> question.
> Sorry to yell, but American cars from the 60s had autochokes which were
> air operated, and functioned very well.  I'm not sure if this were a
> trade secret kept in the states, but I am wondering if I have any real
> options for a carburettor that works most of the time, is simple to
> maintain, doesn't require some bizarre choke setup, and can keep my car
> emissions-legal.
> I've seen single SUs, Webers of differing sizes, and manual choke
> conversions for the Stromberg, but nothing that looks like it would
> actually help at all.
> I know everyone will have his own opinion, I guess I'm just asking for
> all of those, and the one I like best wins.
> I'm just tired of fighting my carburettor.
> Mike Jose
> 79B
> Phoenix

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