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Re: Murphy's Law

Subject: Re: Murphy's Law
From: David Councill <>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 22:15:01 -0700

I think its just a part of the settling with the insurance company. Two 
years ago, when my son wrecked my 71BGT (other driver ran into him, her 
fault), I had the car towed home so it never left my possession. Once the 
insurance agent started assessing damages, he decided to total it once he 
got up to $1400 in repairs (and not adding up all the parts involved). 
I  insisted on  a settlement where I kept the car to repair it, using NADA 
book values to bolster my argument that I needed compensation to cover 
repairing the car. I got $2000 for the damage which was applied to my quest 
to get a roadster. I stripped all the usable parts, most which are now in a 
72B I am rebuilding.

At the time, I was wary about the insurance company giving me a fair 
settlement but they were reasonable. Its fairly easy to establish the 
actual (realistic) value of our MGs through NADA as well as through various 
online markets like Ebay. So odds are good that you will be able to get a 
reasonable settlement from the insurance company.

David Councill
67 BGT
72 B

At 08:16 PM 11/19/2002 -0800, JAMES SCHULTE wrote:
>Can you explain how you bought it from them in case I
>might have to?
>--- "Andrew B. Lundgren" <> wrote:
> > my guess is that they will total your B.  They did
> > mine.  I bought it
> > from them and repaired it.  They never got the car
> > from me.

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