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New MGB List Member Seeks Advice

Subject: New MGB List Member Seeks Advice
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 12:43:25 EST
Hello Every (any?) one....

     I just signed up onto this list as I have a renewed interest in the MGB. 
 I had a brand-new tahiti blue '77 with overdrive for nealry 4 years before 
having to sell it.  I always regretted that!  
     I'm probably going to be one of the lurking list members as I am here to 
learn, learn, learn.  In that spirit, I am asking for advice on a few things, 
and I hope this isn't inappropriate for this list....

1.  How do I subscribe to "MGB Driver" Magazine?
2.  What other periodicals or published resources are good for a relatively 
neophyte MG enthusiast to read?
3.  While I am not in the market for a car right now, I am very interested in 
gaining knowledge and getting "studied up" for the day when I do start my 
search - you know, things like what to look out for, the differences between 
so-called restored, and a real restoration, and other things to be aware of.  
I'm probably more interested in the later years --- '77 - '80.  I doubt I 
would be a total purist, and would be looking for ways to improve the 
reliablility and possibly performance without sacrificing too much of the 
originality.  Any tips?  websites to visit?  etc?

Thank you all for any help!

Doug Powers
near Cleveland, Ohio

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