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Re: New MGB List Member Seeks Advice

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Subject: Re: New MGB List Member Seeks Advice
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Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 09:43:50 -0000
You can't do better than get hold of a copy of Lyndsay Porter's 'Guide to
Purchase and DIY Restoration oif the MGB' - it does exactly what it says on
the cover - reissued as 'The MGB Restoration Manual'.  It majors on
bodywork, which is by far the most important area to consider when buying a
B.  It has a checklist of areas to look at and what to look for, and a guide
price of how much each costs to put right.  I used this to buy both my Bs
and in both cases ended up with slightly better than expected.

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Subject: New MGB List Member Seeks Advice

> 3.  While I am not in the market for a car right now, I am very interested
> gaining knowledge and getting "studied up" for the day when I do start my
> search - you know, things like what to look out for, the differences
> so-called restored, and a real restoration, and other things to be aware

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