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Re: MG 2003

Subject: Re: MG 2003
From: Paul Root <>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 12:19:16 -0600
Currently, nothing is made for US consumption.
It seems that the cars probably would meet US requirements but
MG Rover doesn't have the capital required to get back into the
US market at this time.

MG 2003 probably should be called MGB 2003 since it's not all clubs
together. It is the nationwide get together this coming June in St. Louis. wrote:
> 2003 MG, eh?  I am confused (or maybe just ignorant!)  Is this a prototype?  
> Something that is only available in the UK and is being shown here?  Is it to 
> be made available for U.S. "consumption"?
> Doug

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