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Parts Stores, Was: Lost Generation

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Subject: Parts Stores, Was: Lost Generation
From: Kevin Smith <>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 22:51:31 -0600
Recently, I was searching for a starter for a Toyota pickup (Ol' Faithful)
.  Anyway, Autozone could help me out for about $120.00.  The local NAPA 
shut it's doors, so that left them out.  I ended up going to a local 
imports parts house called "Roy Rogers", which seemed to specialize in 
air-cooled Volkswagen parts, but they had Autozone beat by $75 for a 
one-year warranteed model and their BOSCH lifetime model was only $85.00.  
Go figure, the "little man" had the best deals.  FWIW, I'd had excellent 
experience with the NAPA store as far as prices are concerned.  They once 
beat Autozone for the exact same heater core for a Mazda Navajo (Ford 
Explorer) by $20.  Rick is right about them.  I do like Autozone because 
they are pretty good about loaning out pulley/gear-pullers and such.  That 
way, folks don't have to buy one at Sears and return it the next day. :)

Kevin Smith
'68 MGB Roadster (under restoration)
'72 MGB Roadster (rust growth experiment)

On Friday, November 22, 2002, at 11:00 AM, Rick Lindsay wrote:

> O'Reilly's: Not too bad an inventory, but their computer database is
>    useless for older cars and less than useless for older British cars.
> NAPA: Good Chevy and Ford parts stores.
> AutoZone: Probably the best around Tulsa.  Their database goes
>    back much further than O'Reilly's but is often incorrect.  They do
>    seem to stock paper catalogs and will use them for you (or let
>    you do so) if they aren't too busy.
> PepBoys: Totally useless source for neon, poo-poo pipes and other
>    ricer crap.  No real car parts any more.

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