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Was Peco Exhaust - Exhaust Cement

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Subject: Was Peco Exhaust - Exhaust Cement
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Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 09:09:17 -0500
Steve Soyer said, "The system doesn't use clamps to connect the pipes, but I
had read a magazine article that suggested using a special cement to make
sure there are no leaks.  The mechanic who replaced my sills said that it
would be cheaper to use cement sold for chimney repair from Home Depot.  It
came in a tube that fits into a caulk gun and did the job very well,
although I'd recommend fitting all the pipes first to make sure that they
are all where you want them to be before cementing them."

Before you buy low-quality anything from Home Despot, just go to your local
hardware store & buy a small container of chimney cement.  It's a LOT more
convenient in an open-top container.  You can smear it on the pipe joints
with a rubber-gloved finger to get just the right amount exactly where you
need it.  (If you use a bare finger, wash quickly before it sets, when it is
hard to remove.)

CAUTION!  This cement is NOT an adhesive!  It is used to make a good seal
between the pipes.  Use clamps to secure the sections.  OR, use the system
shown in MG Vintage Racers newsletter a few issues ago - tabs welded to each
pipe section that align so bolts can be run through holes in both tabs thus
securing the sections together.

BTW, I have been using furnace cement on my exhaust system for years.  It
works well.  Also, this thread began with a mention of Brit-Tek.  Bob is my
main source of parts and has been for years because of his service,
knowledge, and prices.

Additional "BTW" - I call Home Depot, Home Despot because of what they do to
their vendors.  They beat them up for lower prices every year.  The result I
have experienced is lower quality products at HD from the same manufacturers
than you can buy at other retailers.  Put yourself in their position - if
you had increasing costs, but had to sell for less, what would you do?  Cut
costs in what you made for that company of course.

Norm Sippel
'66 MGB

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