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Re: 4 Lug Wheels

Subject: Re: 4 Lug Wheels
From: Eric <>
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 11:32:37 +1030
Richard Feibusch wrote:
> I knew a fellow who raced a lowered MGB with stock early (1971??) 240Z
> wheels painted silver hammerite with 175/70x14 tyres that looked racy and
> seemed to fit with a minimum of rear wheel arch trimming. Old mags that fit
> the 1600/2000 Datsun roadsters will fit without trimming.

I currently have on my '68 B my "experimental" racing wheels and tyres.
240Z 15 x 5.5" rims with Bridgestome Potenza 205x60 tyres. No
modification to bodywork required but under extreme conditions (one
severe right hand corner with a slight dip) the rear left does make
brief, slight contact with the inside of the wheel arch and the front
left rubs the end of the sway bar - enough to make a mark but not enough
to cause any damage to tyre or car.  I have some narrow shims on the rears.

Be aware that these rims require wheel nuts with a chamfer.  Study the
wheel nuts that come with the rims but you can't them because they are a
different thread to what you will have on your 'B as standard.  I simply
machined standard 'B wheel nuts to the same chamfer.

205x60 tyres would be an extreme but at least it shows that anything
narrower should be OK - *if* you want to run on 15" rims, and after my
'experiment' I don't :-)  These wheels and tyres weigh a ton and the 15"
rims take a while to get going out of tight, slow corners. I thought the
'stock' early z car wheels were 15"?

'85 Rover Vanden Plas
Adelaide, South Australia

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