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Subject: RE: Peco from Re: Brit-tek
From: Barrie Robinson <>
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 09:50:39 -0800

I cannot say much about Peco etc. as I have a V8 with gorgeous custom 
headers from Australia BUT the following may be of interest.

While researching exhaust systems particularly ceramic coatings I 
discovered that aircraft use a coating (Evershield) on the exhausts to 
increase their life span.  I spoke to the manufacturer who said it acted 
like ceramic.  I bought some despite it being horribly expensive but my V8 
is not on the road yet so I cannot comment on its performance,  If you have 
an interest go to

At 03:41 PM 11/22/2002 -0800, Dodd, Kelvin wrote:
> > I looked at the Peco exhaust and Brittek does a good job
> > pitching its ease
> > of installation and fit. Then I checked the archives because
> > I know the
> > peco has been mentioned many times. A few questions remain -
> > like, how easy
> > is the header to install? Or would it work just as well to
> > use my head pipe
> > and an adapter and exhaust manifold rather than their header?
> > That way, I
> > can still enjoy the excitement of those six flange bolts and
> > ponder whether
> > the exhaust gaskets go metal side up or down. If I don't go with the
> > header, I'm saving almost half the cost. Last time I ordered a header
> > (granted some generic brand), I sent it back because it was
> > worse than the
> > standard exhaust header in design and in quality.
> >
> > David Councill
> > 67 BGT
> > 72 B
>Like any fabricated metal part, occasionally you will find a header that
>isn't going to fit correctly.  The Peco headers on the whole seem to be a
>pretty good bet.  I installed one on my 1980 and was amazed that it dropped
>in without a problem.  I'm used to installing the 3 piece type sold by
>Maniflow or Ansa.  I went with Peco as I intended to install an oxygen
>sensor, and didn't want any leaks.  Using the header does make the whole
>system work better than just bodging the muffler on the end, although I have
>nothing against the stock manifold and head pipe, except some leaks and
>frozen studs.
>The exhaust does not come with any instructions, and it does take a bit of
>juggling to figure out which bit goes where.  It will only fit one way, so
>if you are patient and good at jigsaw puzzles you can figure it out.  The
>hangers are fiddly, I gave up and made a custom rear hanger out of OE and
>the supplied straps.  Chime in if anyone has been able to figure out the
>supplied pieces.
>I like the single rear box, as I've shredded more than my fair share of
>center mufflers.  I have heard tales of the system being short lived and
>prone to rust, which is possible as the muffler is at the back of the system
>and will tend to stay cool/damp.
>Hope this is helpful


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