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RE: RV8 to USA?

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Subject: RE: RV8 to USA?
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Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 13:54:07 -0600

There are two methods of dealing with the Feds on this subject:

1) Have the manufacturer issue a certificate of compliance indicating
that the car complies with all federal standards. This might be
difficult, as it clearly does not meet the requirements and it is nearly
10 years old.

2) Work through a gray-market importer who can retro-fit all required
equipment, and help you through the red-tape.

When I was at Silverstone this summer, I was looking to a similar thing,
but on a much larger scale. A fellow approached me saying he did
gray-market importing. For what it's worth, try contacting:
        Gerry Wadman
        Sussex Sports Cars
        5 Sussex Square
        Kemp Town
        Brighton, BN2 1FJ
        Phone: 0870 72743779

I have no experience with Gerry. I only collected his card and filed it
for future reference.

Lew Palmer

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Hi Listers,

      About a year and a half I helped a friend to find and buy an RV8
over in
Jolly Olde.  His employer is about to ship him back stateside.  To
no less.  Problem is --- he's fallen in love with the RV8 and wants to
bring it
with him.  Anybody out there know if it's at all possible to do so?

Bud Krueger

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