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RE: head porting

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Subject: RE: head porting
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Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 16:14:44 -0500
This is a special interest area of mine. Anything you can do for
(virtually) free that raises HP is an area of special interest to me

Here's a link to a good general (not MG specific) free article on head

Here's a link to an e-book available for download for $39.00. Haven't
read it myself but from the preliminary intro and the testimonials, it
looks like it would be a god source of info.

Here's an MG specific link to an article on "valve seat recession".
Important to understand and to deal with this too when trying to get
more HP and while working on you head.

Finally, from my own bit of wit and knowledge, don't forget the intake
manifold. Just as important to clean it up, open it, match it up and
polish it up.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Happy Turkey day!

Jerry Erbesfield
73 B Black Beauty Roadster

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Subject: head porting

     Hi guys,
                  can anyone point me to a web site or teck. manual
head porting. Ive rebuilt several M.G. engines with good results but
tried porting. Ive got the tools but not the knowledge. The mechine shop
boiled, shot peaned and bored the block told me theres nothing to it.
easy for someone whose done it to say. Ive ordered the gasket  from Moss

thats used as a guide.
                                     TIA for any help or information
                                                      Youngston Ohio

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