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Re: email help

To: Carl French <>
Subject: Re: email help
From: dave houser <>
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 2002 15:08:34 -0500
Carl and others,
Are you deleting the trailer at the end of the original message? That 
seems to be the cause of mail not getting through.
Dave Houser

Carl French wrote:

>Trying to figure out why sometimes my stuff never gets to 
>It seems like only about a quater of what I send I end up getting as an email 
>from the list. I have tried 'reply all' and doing a sep cc for mgs but neither 
>seem to be working. The last one "lindsay Porter" was the last of 3-4 emails I 
>sent on the questions thread. This one I sent to mgs only, the others went to 
>reply all or cc. Ideas from the group???

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