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Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002 22:40:46 -0600
Rick, there was no e-mail address listed for the person asking the
question, so please forward.

The lights are controlled by the dimmer which on a '75 is on the upper
right corner of the dash panel. I don't recall whether this is on a fuse
or not, but it is certainly not on its own fuse. So unless other
accessories also don't work, don't bother with the fuse. In case you
need to access the fuses, there are in a small rectangular plastic box
on the right inner fender well. There is supposed to be a cover for the
fuse box, so it might not be obvious. The cover simply lifts off.

The most likely cause is that either the dimmer control (mentioned
above) is either turned down, or more likely, is burned out. I solved
this very problem on a '75 I'm currently restoring by removing the
dimmer and jumpering across it with a short jumper wire with spade
terminals on either end. There is a spare terminal for each of the two
contacts on the dimmer, so this is a simple fix. Of course, the lights
will then be only on bright, but this is seldom a problem. The bigger
problem is getting the dimmer out of the dash panel. There is a small
push pin on the shank of the knob. Push this in firmly and the knob then
can be pulled straight off. Then by removing the small slotted chrome
nut, the dimmer can be dropped from the back of the dash. Be careful not
to let the wires disappear back up behind the dash. They can be hard to
reach. Reassembly is the reverse of the above, as they say.

Lew Palmer


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I received the below email requesting info on a 75 B - not being
familiar with the location of the lights, fuse box etc on the Rubber
bumber B I am throwing this out to the list - Please reply directly to
Patrick at


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 My family and I have just recently come to own a 1975 mgb.  We are
having trouble getting the dash lights to work.  To be quite frank we
have no idea how to turn them on.  Could you tell us how to do so and if
that doesn't work how to replace the fuse or the bulbs?


Patrick Morales

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