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Subject: Re: Fw: question
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Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 13:04:20 -0000
The dash light have a rheostat which a rotary control on the dash, possibly
to the right of the temp gauge, it is unfused and has red/green(s) from the
main lighting switch and red/white(s) to the gauges.  They can burn out and
are expensive to
replace, and dimming of the panel lamps is not one of life's priorities.
They usually have two spades on each of the two connections, on some models
you can simply move the wire from one of the connections to the spare spade
on the other side to bypass it.  On others both spades on one side may be
occupied making it a little more difficult to bypass.  The bulbs (unless
replaced with Radio Shack 7.5v items which have the brightness of a firework
but also the same longevity) rarely blow, but if they do the holder is
usually a push-fit into the back of each gauge and the bulb (12v 2.2w)
screws in to this.

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> >  My family and I have just recently come to own a 1975 mgb.  We are
having trouble getting the dash lights to work.  To be quite frank we have
no idea how to turn them on.  Could you tell us how to do so and if that
doesn't work how to replace the fuse or the bulbs?

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