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Re: installing and using the blower

To: Larry Colen <>,
Subject: Re: installing and using the blower
From: "Kai M. Radicke" <>
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 12:20:14 -0500
Larry Colen wrote:

> Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find
> boost/vacuum guages on the San francisco peninsula
> (redwood city)?

I really dislike giving this suggestion, but when you see one of those kids
in their ghetto Hondas, just ask them.  They'll know the cheapest place
around to get name brand (like VDO) boost gauges.

I have a VDO boost / vacuum gauge, which is what I suggest you get as well.
The Eaton superchargers that I deal with, have the vacuum by pass valves, so
that in light load situations (idle and cruise) the supercharger is not
doing any work.  The vacuum gauge lets me know when this is, and also if I
have any other problems.  It was also beneficial when I was tuning my
supercharged TR6.

If you're really picky, like me, you can search for a Smiths boost gauge.
It is Smiths' part number PG1501/75.  0-10psi only, which was good enough
for me until I raised the boost to 12psi (then went with the VDO gauge).  I
haven't been able to find Smiths boost gauges that offered a larger scale.
It took me almost two years just to find this one, a friend in the UK
tracked this one down at the Beaulieu autojumble in 2001:



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