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Re: Steering wheel height

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Subject: Re: Steering wheel height
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 09:44:42 -0800
Hmmm... You might also consider these factors:
- steering wheel diameter (as mentioned)
- steering wheel dish
- position of seat track vs. floor (it can be mounted in at least 3
positions from front to rear)
- thickness and condition of seat cushion and diaphragm (old and saggy vs.
new and springy, thicker repro vs. thinner original)
- presence or absence of wooden spacers beneath seat tracks

I would be surprised if the column angle changed much from year to year,
except maybe from CB to RB.

on 12/3/02 7:34 AM, Bill Meyer at wrote:

> On my son's '74 GT, there are 4 1/2" between steering wheel and seat.  On my
> '72 GT, there are 3 3/4".  On my '67 roadster, 6 3/4"!!  The roadster has
> seats from a "72 GT.  All seats are in good condition, and the steering wheels
> vary only from 14 7/8 to 15 1/2.
> I believe the difference lies in the steering column angle.  Has anybody had
> experience in changing the angle on a plastic dash B?
> Bill


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