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new key switch, now won't start

Subject: new key switch, now won't start
From: William Killeffer <>
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 21:11:24 -0500
About a week ago, the key switch in my 1974 MGB got stuck in the 3rd
position, which is the cranking one. I could remove the key, but not turn
things off. This happened after the engine had started, so I ended up having
to pull the coil wire and the negative battery terminal to bring things to a
halt. Got home by disconnecting the starter solenoid wire and roll-starting.
I ordered a new key switch from the Roadster Factory and was told over the
phone that the new switch would not have a plug on the end of the wires and
that I would have to use the plug off the old switch. This wasn't the case,
as the switch came with a plug that matched the harness plug in my car. I
installed the switch in place of the old one, plugged everything in and
prepared to start the car.
It cranks, but won't fire. I remembered to fasten my seatbelt but that made
no difference. It's getting fuel as I can smell the unburned fuel coming out
of the exhaust after a brief time of cranking with the choke on. I didn't
have time to check the spark, but will tomorrow if this keeps up. The spark
leads are on correctly. Nothing appears to be unhooked. What am I missing?
As always, any help would be appreciated.
William Killeffer
1974 MGB

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