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Re: new key switch, now won't start

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Subject: Re: new key switch, now won't start
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Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 15:00:14 -0000
If the ignition-powered things like warning light, gauges, turn signals etc.
work with the switch in the 'run' position then the switch is OK, check the
connection to the coil.  If not do the wire colours on the loom match those
on the switch?  I would expect them too.  The switch puts out 12v on the
white to power all the above and on the white/red to crank.  A 74 should
also have an 'accessories' position putting 12v out on the white/green for
things like heater fan, wipers and washers.

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Subject: new key switch, now won't start

> I ordered a new key switch from the Roadster Factory and was told over the
> phone that the new switch would not have a plug on the end of the wires
> that I would have to use the plug off the old switch. This wasn't the
> as the switch came with a plug that matched the harness plug in my car. I
> installed the switch in place of the old one, plugged everything in and
> prepared to start the car.
> It cranks, but won't fire. I remembered to fasten my seatbelt but that
> no difference. It's getting fuel as I can smell the unburned fuel coming
> of the exhaust after a brief time of cranking with the choke on. I didn't
> have time to check the spark, but will tomorrow if this keeps up. The
> leads are on correctly. Nothing appears to be unhooked. What am I missing?

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