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Re: Manufacturer's Profits at Buyer's Expense

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Subject: Re: Manufacturer's Profits at Buyer's Expense
From: Barrie Robinson <>
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 13:18:57 -0800
I am reluctant to start up the SUV thread again but I just have to ask two 
questions.  Why is it that 50% of vehicles on the road are bright and shiny 
SUVs, of which 99% have only one person, the driver, inside - and have no 
"baggage' in the back.  Where are these people going?

Now that begs for some interesting answers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 09:40 AM 12/6/2002 -0800, David Breneman wrote:
>As someone who just had to purchase a new evil dolphin-choking SUV
>because my old evil spotted-owl-maiming SUV had 250,000 miles on it,
>I took advantage of GM's offer to pay 0% interest on a 5-year loan.
>I suppose that was awfully greedy of me, taking advantage of
>market conditions to soak them for thousands of dollars in missed
>interest income over the life of the loan.  Oh well, that's the
>freedom of the marketplace.  They didn't have to sell it and
>I didn't have to buy it.
>What interests me, as an economist by training, is the fact
>that most people aren't willing to pay full markup for most
>US passenger cars.  Car makers have to sell them at a steep
>discount to sell them at all.  Seems like the US car companies
>are able to build trucks (and pseudo-trucks) that people want,
>but not cars.
>Now that Porsche, BMW and Mercedes are all making SUVs, maybe
>MG should turn out one, too.   :-)
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