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Re: RV8 to USA?

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Subject: Re: RV8 to USA?
From: Rick Brown <>
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 17:53:21 -0500

Don't know where he comes up with the $5K figure to ship the car.  My buddy
in the UK shipped his "A" over here last year and shipped it back to jolly
old - total cost both ways was about $1,800 - Southhampton/Newark
NJ/Southhampton.  He is doing it again this year and we will driving out to
Oregon for the NAMGAR GT.

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> Hi Listers,
>        FYI, here's the latest from my UK-based friend with the RV8.:
> **********************************************
> the assignment to san francisco is for 24-36 months
> i think i've found a way to import the car as a temporart visitor
> i can only have it for 12 months after which i have to export the car. it
> will probably cost me $5k to ship it back to the UK next year to someone
> can sell it for me
> i may be crazy to pay $5k to rent my own car which i'm still paying for,
> one year but.....i'm in-love!
> *****************************************************************

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