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B brake calipers

Subject: B brake calipers
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 2002 01:00:39 EST
Thanks to everyone for your feed back on the frozen bleeder screws on my 70 
B.  I ended up heating them up with an oxy act torch and this did the trick. 
I purchased new bleeder screws and installed them in both of the calipers.

After bleeding the brakes I discovered one of the calipers has a very small 
leak coming from the center of one of the bleeder screws. The other caliper 
seems fine.  Anyone have any ideas about how to save the caliper or what I 
should be looking for?  The threads on that side did feel a little "rough" 
when I tightened the bleeder screw.

60 MGA Coupe;  62 MGA RD MKII; 70 MGB RD  with OD

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