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computer problem-NO LBC content

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Subject: computer problem-NO LBC content
From: "MonteMorris" <>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 16:28:34 -0600
Some of you computer guru listers have been helpful before, so here is a new
problem :-)
I teach school and before or after school I like to check my home email from
the school computer while I'm waiting around for this or that.  Today I found
out that we now have been denied access (CyberPatrol) to the Mail2Web site
where our local ( email is served up. I'm thinking that the school
district is playing "Big Brother" and monitoring what we teachers are
accessing on the web. I'd like to "play a game" with them and find out how to
get around their blocking procedure and then if they block access to that site
also I can be sure that they are monitoring us.
I'm not sure exactly how they block a site but I'm thinking they just plug in
the web address to deny access.
Does someone know how we can get around this? Maybe by gaining access to the or site in a roundabout way?
Let the games begin.....
          79B, Carmine
          67B, BRG
          74 1/2 Rust, parts car

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