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Re: Non-garaging an MGB

To: joseph cianciotti <>
Subject: Re: Non-garaging an MGB
From: Bullwinkle <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 00:45:25 -0600
My two cents:

If the "ground" is actually pavement forget anything
underneath.  If it's actually "dirt" yes, you could put down
the tarp if the cover over the car goes quite close to the
ground.  If the wind can blow under the vehicle, then a
ground tarp isn't really necessary.  If you're parking on
actual dirt, then place four 3/4" or 4/4" thick plywood pads
under each wheel.  These will keep the car from sinking into
the ground and also hold down the ground tarp.

I would consider two car covers.  A plain flannel "water
resistant" and another water proof.  The plain flannel stays
on the car all the time.  (Exept when driving!)  Use the
weather proof one over flannel cover when there's rain or
snow forcasted.  Remove it right after the rain or snow.

Always keep the snow off the car.


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