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Re: GSA Auctions (Cars but no LBC)

Subject: Re: GSA Auctions (Cars but no LBC)
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 11:33:05 -0500
Well, those 4,304 miles might represent a lot of hard miles lumbering 
around the city.  I'm sure the technology is better now - possibly it's too 
expensive to keep them.

Knowing California, I wouldn't be surprised if there was some sort of 
mandate to switch to a certain amount of electical / low-or-no emission 
vehicles, and so they probably bought what they could at the time, but they 
ultimately weren't financially viable to run.

As far as Arizona, hey, you mean you can't climb the peaks in those Ford 
Expeditions?  That's what they show on the commercials!  I guess they break 
the frames jumping off to go back down!

At 10:40 AM 12/11/02, wrote:
>I know it's a little off topic, but I was just checking the GSA auctions at
>, and it has me a bit miffed.
>Under Automobiles, in California, they are selling off a bunch of electric
>vehilcles that must have been used for a short time in Yosemite.  Check out,
>for only $600, a 34 pass. 1996 Blue Bird electric bus with 4,304 miles on the
>clock.  I'm sure that bus musta cost a WHOLE BUNCH of money back in 1996, so
>why did they only use it for 4,604 miles, why has it been sitting for over a
>year (as it said in the ad), and why are they selling them?
>BTW, there are SEVERAL other electric buses, all with low miles and been
>sitting for over a year.  What happened to fiscal responsibility?  There are
>my tax dollars going down the drain.
>Then, take a gander at the scrap vehicles in Arizona!  The border patrol
>takes delight in breaking the frames on new Expeditions!  There are TEN 1997
>and 1998 Expeditions, all with broken frames!  That's nearly a half million
>dollars in junk Fords!  The TOTAL bid so far on ALL ten is only $1700.
>Maybe there is someone in the southwest who can tell me how the border patrol
>can wreck so many expensive cars.
>OK, I'm done.  Sorry.
>Allen Hefner

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