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Prepping Engine Block Rust

To: MG Listserver <>
Subject: Prepping Engine Block Rust
From: Chris Attias <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 09:07:12 -0800
I recently had cause to remove the engine and transmission from my 
'64 B, and thought I'd fix something that had been bothering me for 
awhile.  The PO had rebuilt the engine, but had not painted it, and 
the exposed iron has developed a surface coating of rust. Very grotty 

I'm thinking of ways to paint the block while it was out, short of 
disassembling and hot tanking it.  I degreased it first, but what to 
do next.

I suppose navel jelly might be one way to go, or painstakingly wire- 
brushing it.  What seems theoretically the best way would be to use a 
"rust converter."  I have a bottle of Jasco Rust Prep., but I'm 
wondering if engine heat will cause problems with the "converted" 
surface which will be the" prime coat" under the paint.

Any advice / experience on this would be appreciated.
Chris Attias
Aptos, CA
'64 MGB

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