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Rear fender question

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Subject: Rear fender question
From: "Matthew Hale" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 22:23:41 -0500
I am debating over which rear fender replacement sections to buy for my
67 B.  I am replacing the entire rear panel and want to replace the
wheel arches, dogleg sections and the bottom of the tail lights.  The
simple answer would be the Half Sections from Moss (457-960, 965).  But
it is not that simple because I don't how far the section covers from
the tail light to the rear panel.  Has anyone used these replacement
parts on their B?  I hope I am being clear.  Moss Motors didn't
understand me either.  They told me call back during business hours to
talk to someone in the warehouse.
Matthew Hale
67 B <> 

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