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Re: British car toys

To: William Killeffer <>
Subject: Re: British car toys
From: Paul Root <>
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 18:48:01 -0600
The Radio Shack variation is called the Zip Zap. They are about the 
hottest thing going. I got on
a waiting list 3 weeks ago and got 2 a week latter. RS doesn't even set 
them out, the list takes them
immediately.  There are also Micro Racers sold at places like Toy's 'R' 
Us, I think they sell similarly
fast. A 'geek' online magazine rated the Micro Racers better.

I don't believe either have Mini bodies. Though both have interchangable 
bodies. I think I got
a Mustang and a Civic (Fast and Furious). I also got Sponge Bob Square 
Pants bodies. These
are for the kids, after all.

There's are also knock offs of these. I don't know much about the knock 
offs though we saw
them at Mall of America and the Supermarket (Rainbow).

I can't give a report on how fast and fun they are until Christmas, of 

William Killeffer wrote:

>I am curious if anyone has seen any British car toys anywhere this year.
>Last year, there were lots of Johnny Lightening cars around and some other
>things like that, but I haven't seen anything.
>This week's Radio Shack sales flyer is advertising 1/32 scale RC cars for
>$19.99 each with choices of PT Cruiser, Mercedes, or Chevy SSR. Someone told
>me that they had seen a variation of this that was a New Mini, but couldn't
>remember if they saw it at Radio Shack or somewhere else. Has anyone seen
>anything like this? Any information on this topic would be appreciated.
>-William Killeffer

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