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Re: British car toys

Subject: Re: British car toys
From: Tim Baxter <>
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 19:09:50 -0600
I dunno about the 1/32 cars. but ZipZaps are about 1/64 (hot wheel 
size), and are very cool. They're a knockoff (and I don't mean it in a 
bad way) of the Tomy Microsizer (the Microracer's a different deal 
whose details elude me right now), and the Microsizer is the US-spec 
version of the Bit Char-G, which has been around a couple of years 
now. These things are so cool. I have the old Speed Race Mach 5 under 
the Christmas tree. Anyway, there were plans to make a new Mini, but 
they appear to have fallen through. You can mod slot car bodies to fit 
though, and there's a whole cult of people making all sorts of custom 
bodies. I have an old mini Hot Wheels car I think I can make a body 
mold from.
The British Invasion JL cars are NLA, but the aston martin is 
available through the James Bond set, (as is a Lotus), and the Jag is 
available through the Austin Powers set. Brit Inv cars also turn up on 
Hot wheels currently has (if you can find them) D-type Jags, new 
minis, old minis, and AH 3000s in the product line.

> Hello,
> I am curious if anyone has seen any British car toys anywhere this 
> Last year, there were lots of Johnny Lightening cars around and some 
> things like that, but I haven't seen anything.
> This week's Radio Shack sales flyer is advertising 1/32 scale RC 
cars for
> $19.99 each with choices of PT Cruiser, Mercedes, or Chevy SSR. 
Someone told
> me that they had seen a variation of this that was a New Mini, but 
> remember if they saw it at Radio Shack or somewhere else. Has anyone 
> anything like this? Any information on this topic would be 

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