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RE: Weeeeeeeeee!

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Subject: RE: Weeeeeeeeee!
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 17:08:09 -0800 (PST)
It got up to 48* here in Pennsylvania, USA.  The 70B
is back from the body shop so I took it out for a spin
with the top up thank you (-:
It ran great.  Took it to our Club Holiday party at
the LaFayette Hill Inn and Brewery this afternoon. 
One of our English born members got arrested by local
Militia that were doing tours for the Inn.  What a
hoot.  We told him the charge was for not celebrating
our 4th of July.
Ride back was great.  Took her up to 90 mph without a
Can't wait for Spring (-:
70B back in the stable.

> > Here it is just 34 ... Celsius that is.  About 95
> Farenheit, and just
> > sometimes I wouldn't mind airconditioning :-)
> > 
> > But I only feel this way at the start of Summer
> before the body
> > acclimatises to the heat.  After that, as long as
> I put on my sunblock
> > and wear a hat, I'm fine for topless driving in
> the Sun.
> > 
> You know, Eric, we here in the Northern Hemisphere
> are getting just a little 
> bit tired of this "warmer than thou" attitude of
> yours.
> Jay Donoghue

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