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Re: Sprites & Midgets

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Subject: Re: Sprites & Midgets
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 15:59:59 -0800
Well, for one thing, this is an MG list, so naturally Midgets are a more
common topic. <g>

They stopped making Sprites earlier, I believe around 1969, while they
continued the Midget until 1980. So, even though the Sprite appeared a few
years earlier (the Midget was introduced simultaneously with the Sprite
MkII), the total production of Midgets was much higher.

I might add that in my experience, Sprite-fanciers tend to concentrate on
the original "frog eye" models, treating the later squared-off ones as
badge-engineered Midgets; when of course it is more appropriate to think of
Midgets as badge-engineered Sprites! In any case, there is a tendency for
them to be lumped together as "Spridgets".

There is a Spridget list, similar to this one, where I'm sure you'd hear
plenty of Sprite talk. <g>


Max Heim
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on 12/17/02 2:09 PM, V & J Pina at wrote:

> I have another question for the list
> Why is it that you hear people talk about MG Midgets and rarely hear them talk
> about AH Sprites.
> Are they harder to find or were there a lot less of them sold.
> I know that they are identical except for badges.
> You go to shows and rarely see Sprites but always see the Midgets.
> Just curious.
> If anyone can answer please do.
> Vinnie

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