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Re: rostyle wheel paint

To: David Councill <>
Subject: Re: rostyle wheel paint
From: "Paul T. Root" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 07:07:28 -0600
I just finished mine, and they turned out ok. When I replace the
tires in a year or so, I'm thinking I'm either going to get minilite
repos or have the wheels powder coated.

I used the Moss paint for silver and Krylon Flat Black. The spare tire
I used Rustoleum Satin Black, but it ran so easily, and someone on the
list several months ago, said that Krylon was better for this application
than Rustoleum. 

I had bought one of those $15 paint masks, but it doesn't do much good. 
Not a good fit. I ended up cutting the middle out and just using it to
mask the rim. Fro the rest, I got the 3M blue masking tape (3M is the
only tape to use for any application, and I'm not saying that just
because I live 2 miles from their campus and am a former employee :-)
and a utility knife. 

My painting skills aren't really up to snuff, but they are going to
easily pass the 5 foot test. So much better than the hideous baby
blue the DPO left me with.

You might also go onto the University Motors web site. They have
a good description, I think in the FAQs.


On Wed, Dec 18, 2002 at 06:10:20PM -0700, David Councill wrote:
> My foray into the archives was not successful so I guess I'll have to ask 
> the question on what to use to paint rostyle wheels. It seems like this was 
> discussed earlier this year but I could find no matches when I tried to 
> limit the search to the last couple of years. But if I didn't limit the 
> date, the archive search engine said there were too many matches for 
> "rostyle;paint" (without quotes) and it only displayed messages from 1995 
> and 1996. One seven year old message did say that Walmart had Nybco silver 
> touch #6602 as a good match for the dull silver color with no mention of 
> the black.
> So anyone have some recent suggestions on spray paint that might be locally 
> available, even in Montana?
> David Councill
> 67 BGT
> 72 B

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