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Re: rostyle wheel paint

To: "David Councill" <>, <>
Subject: Re: rostyle wheel paint
From: "James Kleemeyer" <>
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 10:11:53 -0600
I don't know anything about Harbor Freight's blaster, but I do have one I
bought several years ago from Tip Tools. BTW, Tip Tools no longer sell
blasters. It's great for cleaning up wheels, that's how I get mine ready to
paint. They use a lot of air, though, and make a huge mess if you don't use
them outside or do like I did and block off part of your garage just for
blasting parts. You could use an abrasive blast cabinet for cleaning wheels
but it takes a long time. I used to take parts to a place that makes head
stones.They would do them pretty cheap if they had a few 'stones to make. If
you do buy a pressure blaster, you will also need an air supplied hood,
don't rely on a mask type respirator. The dust is deadly.

Jim K.

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