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Re: Need Fordson Major Tractor Info . . . .

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Subject: Re: Need Fordson Major Tractor Info . . . .
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Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 10:31:36 +1300
> > My next door neighbor has a British tractor that he has offered to give
> > for free.  I figured we have enough restoration projects for the moment,
> > but
> > after we finish restoring the two Morgans, Debbie and I will have
> > experience to tackle a real tractor.     : )
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> I think they used Triumph engines.  Try a Triumph list!  :-)

It was the Fergusson tractor that used Triumph components. (Fergusson also
built a 4 wheel drive F1 car)

Fordson (UK subsidiary of Ford I think) made a whole range of tractors
including various models of the 'Major' through the years.

A google search on 'Fordson' produced about 2,100 results, including
preservation societies and clubs.

Both Fergusson and Fordson tractors were very popular in NZ. Large numbers
of 'retired' ones are still parked in sheds and under trees. There are also
quite a few very old models still working order in beach holiday areas for
launching boats.


Ian F

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