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Re: Need Fordson Major Tractor Info . . . .

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Subject: Re: Need Fordson Major Tractor Info . . . .
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Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 11:16:03 +1300
> Wrong brand.  Some of the Ford Ferguson tractors in the 50's used either
> Triumph of MG gasoline engines.  But the Fordson tractors are all together
> different, especially the Diesel versions.  I was primary operator on a
> Fordson Major Diesel for several years in my younger days on a farm, and
> have sent some info to the owner who was originally inquiring.
Bit of confusion above -

Ferguson were associated with Triumph, and the engine used the wet sleeve
engine components.

There was a Nuffield tractor that probably used components from the parent
firm (along with MG). There was also a BMC tractor that may have been a
development from the Nuffield.

Fordson were associated with Ford. The current items are 'Ford' tractors.

And then there were the  David Brown tractors, (that also made the Aston

(and Ferrari make tractors, as do Lamborgini)

Ian F

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