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A relay is *advisable* but not always essential.  But if they are wired to
come on only with the standard lights and the power take-off is from the
existing switch then the additional load on that switch is a Bad Thing,
hence the relay being advisable.  The factory never used relays with
factory-fitted front fogs and spots and they *did* take the power off the
main switch so it obviously wasn't essential then, but 40 years down the
road and with ageing switches and connections it is no bad thing to protect
the original components where you can and powering them from one of the main
brown leads, if not the solenoid, via a relay will make a significant
different to brightness.  Same when you go for very high power headlights.

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> I missed all this, so this reply may really come on DUMB, but here goes:
> have had halogen driving lights on my roadster for two years - no relays,
> problems.

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