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MGA with an Attitude gets a new URL - Bookmarks please

Subject: MGA with an Attitude gets a new URL - Bookmarks please
From: Barney Gaylord <>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 16:07:56 -0600
Seasons Greetings,

The MGA with an attitude just got a new URL for Christmas.  It was due for 
a new home for a long time now, having long since outgrown its space 
allowance and was spread over a couple of different servers with strange 
links.  Changing address with departure from the old web server(s), I at 
last registered a domain name so the address should never have to change 
again.  Should have done that a long time ago (20-20 hind site).  The new 
web address is
This works with or without the "http://"; or the "www." in front, and is not 
case sensitive, so the short form
will work just as well with a browser.  Along with it comes my new email 
also not case sensitive.

Good news is, the entire web site is now all in one place, which should 
avoid some confusion.  So-so news is, the new server is not geographically 
in my back yard like the old one, so it's a little slower for me to access 
over the net,  but I trust the rest of the world should not notice any 
difference (still completely ad free).  Bad news is, now I get to start all 
over with the search engines, and I will be spending some time trying to 
contact web sites having links to my old address.

The site still has the same structure as before.  So for those of you with 
existing bookmarks, you can just replace the prior 
"" with the new "" and the rest 
of the link will work as before to find the same page.

I will be keeping the old site operational for a while so current visitors 
won't be completely lost.  I would like to write a server side routine that 
will refer visitors to the new address, but this is not my normal life, so 
I could use some help there if anyone with the right tallents would like to 
contact me privately.  Email will be forwarded or otherwise retrieved from 
my old address for a while as well, so hopefully no one's messages will be 

I hope you all don't see me as being too presumptuous with the new name.  I 
really wanted to name the site after the car, but mgawithanattitude is too 
long to type regularly, belongs to Miniature Golfer's 
Association, and search engines treat mga-usa as two separate words, 
bringing up all sorts of unrelated web references.  By coincidence, search 
engines currently turn up no references at all for mgaguru, but I figure to 
be changing that soon.

Oh, the other good news is that my MG Tech section is now over 300 web 
pages, and will hopefully continue to grow (so keep on asking questions).

Happy holidays,

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude

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