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64 B for sale...sadly

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Subject: 64 B for sale...sadly
From: "mgcarma" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 17:13:23 -0500
Well,sadly I have to part with my favorite car in the whole wide world.
My B.

I bought this car from the second owner. He had it fully restored about ten
years ago and only put about two thousand miles on it.

He purchased it from someone who owned it from new, and put it into storage
around then had about 65K on the clock.

It is all original except the paint color is now BRG. It was black (have the
heritage certificate). When the guy I bought it off had it restored, he:
replaced all panels to include (inner and outer sills, doglegs and floors).
All with british parts, brown and gammons, etc.

Rebuilt engine and trans (fitted a four synchro box).

Painted in cellulose I believe (acrylic enamel maybe)
Either way, the paint is cracking here and there, revealing shiny metal
underneath, which has hazed with light rust (easily brought back to shiny
metal with sandpaper)..not pitted at all. This car was a garage queen since
the restoration, and had been inside in storage from 74 to 94.

So, I bought the car from this guy who only used it to go and get ice cream,
etc with his kids.

I have done the following work to make it a daily dependable driver:
Full Stainless exhaust (larger size from Falcon).
New heavy duty clutch and pressure plate/throw out bearing.
Roll bar.
Factory hardtop.
Competition brake hoses (braided steel).
Urethane bushings up front.
New Springs.
New Shocks.
New Kingpin seals and washers/bolts.
New tachometer.
Rebuilt rear brakes with new shoes and cylinders.
New Calipers up front with competition pads.
New seals around boot and hood.
Sound deadening material on hood.
New transmission mounts.
New engine mounts.
New Coil, plugs, wires, points.
Rebuilt distributor.
New brake line from front four way to rear splitter.
New brake line from rear splitter to the rear driver wheel.
Veredestein tires.
Various bulbs, etc.

That about sums it up.
I drive her 1.25 hours...yep that's hours to work ONE WAY four days a
week....(I have been doing this for about two months and I have decided to buy
a newer truck, which is why I need to sell the B....don't have deep
pockets...and I need a better commuting vehicle for a now 45min each way
I have put about 5000 miles on it. It starts every time, runs like a top.
Drive it anywhere.

I have pics if you are interested. The only things wrong with the car:
Speedo needle fell off.
Windshield wiper squirter not hooked up (tubes under dash)
Needs a respray with more modern paint....

NO RUST NO BONDO.  Nice car.
Located in Winchester, Virginia.


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