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RE: I'm Selling my Black Beauty 73 B Roadster

To: "'Dan DiBiase'" <>, "'MG List'"
Subject: RE: I'm Selling my Black Beauty 73 B Roadster
From: "Jerry Erbesfield" <>
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2002 13:17:29 -0500
Thanks a bunch for the response Dan.

If it wasn't for the resurgence of the Vette due to the C-5 model's
accomplishments, I wouldn't be getting a Vette. And, yes, nothing but a
convertible will do. Got my eyes on a beautiful black one with chrome wheels
(my Black Beauty B's big brother).

I've already had a couple of inquiries so maybe I'm not too far off on the
price for what she is. I'm sure that we'll learn her worth because I've GOT
to carry through with selling her. I'm going ahead with the Vette purchase
right away no matter what but even if I don't sell the B first, I'll still
have to sell her at some price over the next couple of months anyhow.
Promised the wife AND I just don't have room to keep both for very long.
I'll let everybody know what happens when it happens.

I'll always be a loyal MG enthusiast and I'm going to stay on the list no
matter what (if not too many of the crusty old salts give me too hard of a
time about it). And, I probably get another MG one day if we ever get enough
room for it (will require a new house). I really like the old TD's TF's a
lot. When I was a kid I read a book (don't remember the title) on old
English cars, their tradition and heritage and it sunk in. I also sold LBC's
and MG's when I first married just out of teenage hood back in 1964. Old
MG's are what I counted to go to sleep as a kid, not sheep. They are in my
blood. I'm also a muscle car guy too though, drag racing Chevy's and Olds
for years. I'm not getting any younger and just don't want to miss the C-5
Vette. It is my time.

THX! - And Happy holidays to you and yours.


Jerry Erbesfield
73 Black Beauty B roadster 

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Jerry, sorry to hear you're going into rehab for your LBC addiction...!
Although the C5 is a pretty awesome car - hope you're getting a convertable!
And it's not like your buying a Triumph.... Can't comment on the price, not
sure what the market is like down your way. 

Good luck!

--- Jerry Erbesfield <> wrote:
> I've decided to sell my Black Beauty 73 B roadster.

The Garden State (What Exit?) 
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