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Re: tach wiring

Subject: Re: tach wiring
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 13:59:43 EST

I just got the tach working on my '72 GT; however, I am suffering from CRS, 
and am fuzzy about the green wire.  The two white connectors go into (and out 
of) the appropriate locations to the left/top of your photo, that is clear.  
My fuzziness is on what I think is a green wire that goes to the upper left 
spade  connector.  The spade  connector on the right is for a ground (black 
wire), but that function also can be served in the original design using a 
loop around one of the mounting posts.
Can anyone confirm that green wire memory?

Jay Donoghue

72 B-GT
66 Mustang

In a message dated 12/30/02 2:02:49 PM, writes:

<< I believe my tach on my recently rebuilt 72 MGB is not working due to 
incomplete wiring. I have two white wires with bullet style connectors from 
my wiring harness plugged in to the back of the tach. But I believe there 
is at least one more connection needed, probably a ground wire.

Here is the back of a spare tach:

There are two bayonet style connectors (I have arrows pointing to both). >>

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