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Re: tach wiring

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Subject: Re: tach wiring
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Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 13:23:06 -0000
That style of tach is current-operated with internal pickup.  The two round
connectors are for the white from the ignition key and the white to the
coil, not sure which way round, the wires from the loom should only be able
to be connected one way.  The insulated spade (what you call a bayonet) is
for the green 12v supply.  The tach also needs a black ground wire which is
normally a round connector that goes under one of the mounting thumb-nuts
but if a spade connector would go on the uninsulated spade on the case.

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Subject: tach wiring

> I believe my tach on my recently rebuilt 72 MGB is not working due to
> incomplete wiring...

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