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Subject: [Fwd: Re: I'm Selling my Black Beauty 73 B Roadster]
From: Kevin & Deana Brown <>
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 20:55:11 -0600
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Subject: Re: I'm Selling my Black Beauty 73 B Roadster
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 20:43:17 -0600
From: Kevin & Deana Brown <>
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Interesting comments that everyone made.  I would highly recommend the 
manual transmission Vette over the automatic one.  My daily driver (95 
miles per day) is a 2001 Camaro SS (Vette engine with 10 less 
horsepower) with the 6 speed manual transmission.  I recently drove a C5 
Convertible with an automatic.  The automatic Vette, despite having less 
weight and more horsepower, had nowhere near the "snap" of my Camaro - 
given a choice of those two cars I would pick the Camaro for more 
driving pleasure.  I also work with a guy that traded in his 3 year old 
automatic equipped C5 convertible for a new 6 speed convertible and he 
could believe the difference (for the better) that the manual 
transmission made.  If they equip the manual transmission Vette with the 
stupid 'skip shift' feature (like on my Camaro) its easy to defeat with 
a $25 plug in part.  Plus with the 6-speed you'll be running 28 mpg on 
the highway.  Anyway that was my two cents - have fun!

Kevin Brown  '56 MGTF 1500 RHD, '71 MGB, '78 MGB V8, '70 Corvette 
(convertible 4-speed of course!), 2001 Camaro SS (6-speed, T-tops)
Odessa, MO

Jerry Erbesfield wrote:

>I've decided to sell my Black Beauty 73 B roadster. Anybody interested or
>knowing someone that would be interested can see it and learn more about her
>on my website at:
>Its been a great 15 plus years with her. I'm not getting any younger or
>healthier and want a new model C-5 Vette convertible so bad I can't stand
>it. No room at the house or time for both. Black Beauty has got to go. I'm
>also selling my 2000 Isuzu Rodeo 4 Dr 2WD with under 36,000 miles. It's in
>near perfect condition and has lots of equipment and extras. $13,000. It's
>posted on my website too.
>I'd be interested in what anybody might have to think/say about my B and my
>pricing of it at $7500.00. Price seems to be a popular topic on the list
>lately. Does that sound like a reasonable price for what she is? The paint
>is starting to age some, with some spider webbing, some minor cracks and
>some bad places occurring. None too disastrous or stands out too much
>though. Still looks good overall. Otherwise she is just about "cherry" for a
>30 year old car. 
>I will very much appreciate all responses - and I promise to update the list
>on the results.
>Jerry Erbesfield
>73 Black Beauty B roadster

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