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Happy New Year/ Car Covers

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Subject: Happy New Year/ Car Covers
From: "Bill Meyer" <>
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 14:46:40 -0700
Hello all, and the best of the season.

Drove my roadster into work this afternoon - I had planned to, but my
inefficiency in an ignition lock repair on the GT made it necessary.

Anyways, it has been outside under a waterproof ventilated cover.  Not the
best type of cover, but what I could afford, and besides most of the time
solar protection is what's called for at 5600' in Arizona.  However, it was
DAMP inside - the seat was a bit wet along the back edge and the leather
gloves I keep under the seat were downright clammy.  I haven't driven it in
2.5 weeks due to a cold.


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