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Subject: Re: Black Beauty
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Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 16:29:59 -0500
Hi Dennis.

Thanks for your kind words.
I live in Roswell (Atlanta) Georgia.

I wish I could keep Black Beauty but circumstances won't permit. There's no
emergency to sell her but she'll have to go sometime over the next 90 to 120
days anyhow. I can't leave a new model Corvette convertible sitting outside
very long!

I've just today paid an entry fee to put her in a antique/classic car
collector's auction that is being held this coming Saturday. I've set a
reserve minimum so if I don't get at least my asking price there, I won't
sell her - and, I stand a chance to get a lot more. We'll see what happens.
There are going to be 300-400 cars in the auction. At least if I sell her,
somebody that cares about classic cars should get her.

Nice hearing from you. Carry on with your hobby. I had lots of fun with
Black Beauty - and I'll also have lots of fun with my Vette too!!!

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Jerry Erbesfield
73 Black Beauty B roadster 

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Subject: Black Beauty

Hi Jerry,
        I've been looking at your "Old Friend" that you've put so much love
& time into... It is a beaut!  I got a '77  (locally) about a year ago and
after the initial apprehensions wore off I started to really love it.  I'm
doing some suspension work and re-carpeting this winter. After some other
work on the engine and Z-S carb this past summer it was pretty dependable.
(only 64k miles on it)
        So, I was curious where you live...  Sometime I'd like to own a
chrome bumpered MGB.  I live in upstate NY and I wish I had built my garage
a little larger!!  I'm on the autox list and I am inspired by enthusiasts
like yourself.  I hope to continue in my new hobby as long as I can balance
it with all my other interests!

Good Luck,

Dennis Luther
'77 (White) MGB

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