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Re: B clutch

To: Mike Duvall <>,
Subject: Re: B clutch
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 11:00:33 US/Mountain
Of course you won't know for sure without pulling the engine and trans and 
checking it - BUT - it sounds like it could be clutch spin (as you 
indicate) - OR - your throw out bearing could have disintegrated, causing 
the clutch to not fully disengage - OR - part of the disintegrated throw 
out bearing could be caught on the clutch - OR - that missing boot could 
have let a rock get in the bell housing, and caught in the clutch 

With the old throw out bearings (which are carbon faced) it is really not 
good to sit at a light or approach a stop sign with the clutch pedal 
pushed in.  It just accelerates the wear of the carbon face.  With proper 
use, throw out bearings only last about 100,000 miles (which is about the 
life of the clutch, and an engine rebuild too) - a little extra use can go 
a long way to shortening that life.  Last I checked, I couldn't get the 
old carbon faced throw out bearing anymore though - all of them were 
sealding bearing designed.  I liked the old design better, but that's just 

Phil Bates
'67 MGB
'58 MGA (with a recently installed new clutch and roller throw out bearing)

> While out driving the other day, I was waiting in traffic and had my 
> clutch in on my 65B.  I didn't have it in that long but then all of the 
> sudden is started acting odd, grabbing, not being able to shift well, 
> especially 1st gear, sometimes it would release fast.  Looking my 
> manual it fits the perfect description for clutch spin.  I think the 
> clutch is new. I've only owned the car since last January.  My fluid 
> level is not low so I don't think anything has leaked onto it. I got 
> underneath and watched the slave arm move the lever in and out and it 
> appears to move freely. I did note the rubber boot is missing but the 
> problem was sudden.
> Is there anything else I can check before I pull the engine?  Thanks, 
> Mike

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