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Re: B clutch

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Subject: Re: B clutch
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Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 10:07:58 +0100
I think 'sealding bearing' relates to the roller bearing release bearings
that are available as an after-market unit.  But far from the carbon
bearings being unobtainable they come complete with the clutch kit in the UK
at least.

If the clutch slave piston is moving in and out about 1/2" to 5/8" under the
control of the pedal then the hydraulics are fine, so it is an engine out
job I'm afraid.  Whilst sitting at lights etc. with the clutch pedal down
will cause increased bearing wear it is still going to be in the order of
10s of thousands of miles, but that is down to the seller telling the truth.
Personally, if someone tells me the clutch has just been replaced, I'd be
thinking there is a still-present problem that has caused it to fail a
couple of times in quick succession and they are fed up with it and dumping
it.  Alternatively it is genuine and the new clutch or bearing has failed
very prematurely, which is quite possible.

Clutch spin as I understand it is due to wear and cause the revs to rise
without an increase in roadspeed as the accelerator is pressed, like an
automatic, and is noticeable in 4th gear first.  Grabbing is often caused by
oil contaminated linings due to a crankshaft rear oil seal failure, but in
this case oil usually drips out of the tell-tale hole at the bottom of the
clutch housing.  Difficulty in selecting gears is due to the clutch failing
to release properly, which if not caused by a hydraulic problem causing low
travel of the slave piston, is again a problem inside the clutch.


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Subject: B clutch

> While out driving the other day, I was waiting in traffic and had my
> clutch in on my 65B.  I didn't have it in that long but then all of the
> sudden is started acting odd, grabbing, not being able to shift well,
> especially 1st gear, sometimes it would release fast.  Looking my
> manual it fits the perfect description for clutch spin.  I think the
> clutch is new. I've only owned the car since last January.  My fluid
> level is not low so I don't think anything has leaked onto it. I got
> underneath and watched the slave arm move the lever in and out and it
> appears to move freely. I did note the rubber boot is missing but the
> problem was sudden.
> Is there anything else I can check before I pull the engine?  Thanks,
> Mike

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