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Re: Bosch Alternator Conversion for MGB?

To: mg-dennis <>
Subject: Re: Bosch Alternator Conversion for MGB?
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 18:45:03 -0500

    Which car do I specify to order the Bosch alternator?  I



mg-dennis wrote:
> I did the bosch conversion on my 67B.. Pretty straight forward.  Moss sells
> the conversion bracket and the pig tail that makes it easy.  If I recall
> correctly you connect the gen light to the small wire and the fat red wire
> to the fat brown wires.  What I did was photo copy the wiring diagram for
> the three wire alt and the diagram fo my 67 out of the manual and traced the
> difference.  The bosh is real a real common alternator and bolts right in.
> Gives you 55 amps I believe
> Dennis Cox
> 67 MGB
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> Subject: Bosch Alternator Conversion for MGB?
>   I'm looking for a bolt-in conversion that's supposed to be a 15 minute 
> job.  It was an article by Bob Munch, linked off of a fellow by the name 
> of Rue's website.  The link doesn't work though.  Anyone got a new link 
> or new info?
>    TIA,
>    CR

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