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Re: Strange place for a cotter pin

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Subject: Re: Strange place for a cotter pin
From: James Harwood <>
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 15:34:20 -0700 (PDT)
When you do get it successfully stabbed, and in case
you are not already aware of this, two of the
bellhousing/engine-plate bolt holes are a very exact
fit for the bolt. Those two must go in first to
properly align the engine to the gearbox (or vice

When looking at the back of the engine, they are top
right (near the oil output feed coupling), and bottom
left. You'll find them easy enough just by 'trying'
the various holes with a bolt.

There's a tech article about this somewhere on Barney
Gaylord's site, but I can't find it right now.

My apologies if you already knew this.
'74 B

--- wrote:

> I was getting ready to attempt to stab my
> transmission to the clutch this 
> afternoon and I noticed at the bottom of my
> bellhousing right at the front there 
> is a small hole. I assume this is for drainage.
> There is a cotter pin in this 
> hole and it seems to serve no useful purpose. Could
> be to keep the hole from 
> getting clogged up. Doesn't look like typical
> British Leyland engineering but 
> then who I to question them!!!! Should I leave it or
> pull it out? Also am 
> having a devil of a time trying to stab the
> transmission by myself. Any creative 
> thoughts on doing this job alone. If I can't get it
> done tonight I will call my 
> son who benchpresses 275 and enlist his help
> tomorrow. My wife has no spirit 
> of adventure in this regard and clams her manicure
> takes precedence over my 
> LBC. Thanks Dave Matthews

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