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RE: De Smog Question

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Subject: RE: De Smog Question
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Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2004 16:54:26 -0500
I've desmogged my '80 to good effect. I replaced the elbow with a plug, but
simply smeared the tap with grease before cutting in the threads. This was
sufficient to keep all shavings out of the manifold.

Lew Palmer

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    I have to decided to de-smog my 80 B as I had to remove
the seized air pump to relace the thermostat housing
gasket.   I have located the de-smog procedure as outlined
in Landsey Porter's book.  He mentions pulling the 90
degree conneection for the Gulp valve and then tapping the
hole in order to use a bolt as a plug.

    I would prefer not to have to tap the hole with the
possibility of metal shavings making their way into the
intake manifold and cylinders.    Has anyone come up with a
different method to plug the hole ?   I did a little
looking around in the archieves and did not see anything on
this part of the process.  


        Gene Balinski
              80 B 


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