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Frustrating day working on Wheel bearings

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Subject: Frustrating day working on Wheel bearings
From: "James Schulte" <>
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2004 19:21:36 -0700
I kept hearing a rumbling sound when I was driving over 25 mph this past week.
It sounded like a drive shaft out of balance or a muffler with a middle
bracket broken and vibrating.  I checked both with no signs of problems.  So I
jacked the front end and checked the right front wheel to see if it was a
bearing problem. Sure enough the wheel was wiggling pretty freely. So I bought
some Rinker bearings at National Auto and proceeded to change the passenger
side.  took a ride and when I came back had the same problem.  OK, so maybe it
needed more shims, not the case. Put more shims in and still a wiggle. It's
almost as if the large spacer cone between the outside bearing and the inside
bearing is dented and there is to much play because of this. Any comments
would be appreciated.   The shaft has no scoring on it and all is smooth. I'm
at a loss. Help?

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