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Re: Oil Leaking

Subject: Re: Oil Leaking
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 09:27:31 -0400
   Loosening the oil fill cap is a way to check for pressure building up
in the engine.   It was vented on early cars and not vented on the
emission-controlled cars.  If loosening the cap solves the oil-leak
problem, you have determined that there is some problem in the venting.  
   There are some informative drawings that show the airflow through the
engine. I can't find the sites for them at the moment, but here's the
basic air-flow:   enters through the charcoal cannister, passes into
rocker cover, moves forward and down through the engine toward the vented
tappet cover on front left side of block, then is pulled through hoses to
carbs or manifold.  
    Places to check are the charcoal cannister---replace the charcoal as
at this age it's sure to be spoiled, then the hose from cannister to
rocker cover.   Check hoses from vented tappet cover to carb/manifold.  
Then, if those checks have not answered the vent question, but do this
last because it's a nasty job, remove the tappet cover and see if it is
   The system actually works pretty well when it's clean and connections
are good. 
    If you are stumped about the source of the leaking oil, there are
fluorescent dyes that can be added to the oil so that the leak is made
visible under special lights.  

On Sun, 3 Oct 2004 10:11:35 -0700 "Frank Marrone"
<> writes:
> John,
> This occurred to me.  I "tested"  the crankcase ventilation 
> yesterday by blowing through the hose connected to the smog canister.  

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